Friday, May 13, 2011

Spanx Review

I will just jump right in and show ya'll a picture of my undies (lol)... this is for comparison purposes.

My regular undies are Lane Bryant Hipsters. (Not usually something someone with a big tummy wears, but I am uber-short-waisted...yeah, I buy low-rise jeans and they still cover my belly button!) My hipsters are a lot bigger than these things, width-wise. Plus, my hipsters are stretched a bit when they are on, so they would actually be even bigger. On another note, I guess I do not need to point out just how LONG these things are!?  (and on a short-waisted person... oh my!)

What?! Did I waste my money? Are these things going to *fit*?

My first-out-of-the-packaging-opinion was not good. As soon as I saw them I knew this was not going to work. Determined, I had to give them a try.

OK, in this picture I was laying on the bed, wrestling with the Spanx. (...the UnderSpanxer, Hulk-Spanxogan, sorry I am not being more creative here...) I had managed to get those bad boys up to my thighs. Talk about a struggle... and with a toddler watching me, I was laughing my head off! They were seriously digging into my thigh flesh at this point.

Here is the comparison shot. Camera was at chest level, looking down to the floor. I had my feet in the exact same location for both pictures. I exhaled completely for both shots. I cannot believe I am posting these pics, but you HAVE to see this...

Regular undies:


Guess that makes my opinion of these things pretty obvious.

Spanx = NON-fail. Love them.


  1. I just have one thing to say.....

  2. You just ooze awesomeness! :D love it!