Wednesday, August 6, 2014


♥ Zevia. That is all.

Nah, I am kidding. Not about the loving it part though, I really, really do.

Hotty Scotty and I first heard of Zevia on a trip to Earthfare. We were armed with a $1 off coupon and we grabbed a 6-pack of the grape flavor. We tried it, we loved it.

Fast forward a bit to where I see a "Rainbow Case" of Zevia on Amazon. Yay-us! I put that baby on auto-subscription. Two days later, thanks to Prime, this lovely rainbow of sodas arrived at my house...


Zevia's definition is: "A zero calorie soda with no sugar and no artificial sweeteners. Available in 15 delicious flavors, this stevia sweetened soda is the natural pop you and your family will crave. Zevia is the answer to natural diet soda that tastes great. Zevia is the smarter soda choice."

I am a stevia fan, so this is a good thing. It took some getting used to, and I'll admit, I still do a half-stevia-half-splenda mix in my coffee a lot. Most folks will tell you full-on stevia is an acquired taste. Either way, Zevia rocks. Nope, I am not a spokesperson or whatever, just a new fan of this stuff!

I posted this pic to Instagram the other day... just being silly. Used the hashtag #sodaselfie, since I follow @ZeviaLife and love their posts...

Well, next thing ya know, I was chosen as the "Flavorite of the Week", lol! I love it! I'm adding in a screenshot of their post below. Guess this is my 2 minutes of fame folks! I will take it, and my free case of black cherry Zevia!! (Good choice on my behalf since it is Brandy's fave!)


I will leave you with these fab shots :) Yes, of course I laid them out like a rainbow... and then no matter what I do, the picture is upside down. Oh well, it's a smile now.

Oh yeah, here are the flavors available, if you were curious:
   ✤ Cola
   ✤ Caffeine Free Cola
   ✤ Ginger Ale
   ✤ Ginger Root Beer
   ✤ Lemon Lime Twist
   ✤ Grapefruit Citrus
   ✤ Orange
   ✤ Mountain Zevia
   ✤ Grape
   ✤ Dr. Zevia
   ✤ Black Cherry
   ✤ Cream Soda
   ✤ Lime Cola (not in the rainbow case)
   ✤ Cherry Cola (not in the rainbow case)
   ✤ Strawberry (not in the rainbow case) (but I wish it was!!)