Saturday, February 16, 2013


I lowered my cholesterol by 20 points these past 3 months!

I lowered my glucose A1C level from 6.0 to a 5.7!

No meds.

That is all.


more reasons...

I have thought of a few more reasons to keep on trucking. Nothing spectacular, but reason enough for me...

I want...

...a scarf to fit nicely and have plenty of length left over to hang down. feel more confident when I walk into a room. wear a bathing suit and not be completely mortified. inspire friends and family to be more healthy and fit. choose to go do things instead of sometimes hide from the world. hear something other than "you have such a pretty face."

That's all I have for now.

Tuesday, February 12, 2013


I was out shopping with a dear friend last week. While waiting for her to try on a shirt, I caught a glimpse of something out of the corner of my eye.

Bad news.

It was me.

I was even rocking my fav new striped shirt. Feeling good. Feeling stylish. I even had a couple of ladies tell me I was looking very stylish with my orange stripes paired with a pop of bright teal and pink on a chunky necklace.

Little did I know how frumpy I looked.

Until I saw my reflection.



I do not usually pray about my weight, or weight loss, or much of anything related.
        Maybe I should, but I usually do not.

This morning was different. I included a little prayer for God to just help me stick to something and to help me with my weight. I left a lot of things unsaid. He knows what I mean when I do ask that. If you read my blog, so do you.

I had the weirdest feeling as I was praying that simple prayer.

In my head, this is what I "heard"...

"All I have to do is just do it. God will handle the rest. He will make things happen. I just have to do it."

There's a lot of things in the "it" part of that statement. Count my calories, make healthy food choices, name a few. But something about that thought made it suddenly seem so simple.

I just have to do it. HE will make things happen.

What a neat feeling as I was driving to work this morning. Granted, it is a lot. I have to do a lot. Sometimes, though, I get caught up in "I have to lose weight." that I forget that the focus should not be on losing weight, but on the *other* things...calories, food choices, treadmill swagger... :) In reality, I cannot just lose weight. I can count the calories, make better choices, get up and move, etc. The weight loss will happen.

I just wanted to share. Even if you do not share my beliefs, I am sure you can understand how sometimes we tend to majorly over-complicate things, and what a profound relief it is when we step back, regroup, and simplify.

I want... wear tall socks that fit my calves. be able to sit my cup of water between my legs while driving. feet and ankles to not hurt first thing in the morning when I stand up. feel hott. be light enough for my husband to pick me up. wear the cute, stylish clothes I see on some folks. shop in the regular sizes. order less clothing online. not be or feel like the biggest person in the room. be a lasting success story. be able to walk into Old Navy and wear anything I want. child to see a slimmer, healthier me. wear something from Victoria's Secret. comfortably wear high heels or cute wedges. wear an anklet. see only one chin in my impromptu pictures. get to ride amusement park and fair rides again. fit comfortably in all restaurant booths. sit in any chair and know it will hold me. be able to lay on one of those tri-folding lawn chairs. (like beach chairs) head to be filled with positives and hope. back to not ache all the time. come off of my BP medicine. get my PCOS symptoms under control. feel good when I step on the scale at the doc's office. practice what I preach. be able to jog a mile. look as awesome on the outside as I AM on the inside. fit in a kayak. be able to wear my husband's t-shirts. wear cute bangle bracelets. run. go zip-lining. not always be wondering if everyone is noticing the fat girl. lessen the burden on my legs so I will slow the developing spider veins. wear a pair of boots. have to get my rings resized. set a good example for my child. husband to get to see a smaller me. stop wearing the thighs out of my pants. wrap up in a regular-sized towel. boobs to stick out farther than my stomach. heart to not have to work so hard. feel my collarbones/hipbones/etc. breeze through a turnstyle without turning sideways and hopping.


Candy is not a food.

At least, I do not think it is a food. Well, let me back up and say that I used to think of it as a food.

but it is not.

Candy is a treat.
You do not have to have candy.
In fact, some people do not eat candy.
I like candy.
I overeat candy.
Until now.

I am still tracking my calories at and it is fantabulous!

Somehow, seeing the empty nutritional value of candy laid out before my very eyes has started to change the way I look at it.

Take Wonka's Bottle Caps Soda Pop candy for instance. A "serving" is 13 little tiny pieces. In just those 13 pieces, there are 60 calories. Calories and sugar. No protein, no nothing. Just calories and sugar. Consider that, and the fact that very few of us actually only eat 13 pieces in a sitting. It. adds. up.

It eats (pun, ha!) away at your caloric recommendation for the day. It adds nothing to your diet.

Yet, we still want it.

Can we have a little? YES, we can.

...but back to what I said earlier, it is a T-R-E-A-T.
Not a meal, not even a snack. Just a small treat.

Today I wanted a few of said Bottle Caps. I opened the box, took out 3 little pieces, and put the box away. I savored the 3 pieces, individually. I ate them slowly, enjoying their sweet, bubbly taste.

I entered my 3 Bottle Caps into myfitnesspal. 14 calories. I can totally handle 14 calories. It is the 180 or 240, or even 300 calories worth that could have sabotaged my entire day. I am happy.

I had a treat, not a binge.

14 calories for the Win!