Thursday, January 8, 2015


I plan on doing a post on this, but wow.

Take the time to read this post by National Geographic author, Rich Cohen. It is fascinating.

And a little scary.

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Orange and White Stripes NOT Forever

I just wanted to say that ever since the day I wore that orange and white striped shirt and saw my reflection in a store mirror, it has made me feel terrible about myself. Every. Single. Time. In fact, I have not worn that shirt since. It has been nearly two years. Each time I see it in my closet, I relive how bad I felt that day.

I fail and feel bad enough on my own sometimes that I just do not need a constant reminder or anything that represents that.

Well, last night I threw that shirt away.

Enough is enough.

(Here is the original post.)


I have been running around like a crazy woman. Remember the saying "running around like a chicken with its head cut off". That's me. At least it feels like it.

Literally running? Nope. Not me.

I have been working, mothering, wifing (yep, I think I just made up a new word), managing my Etsy store, eBaying, making endless to-do lists, etc. All things I love, but notice blogging was not even in that list. So sad. It's one of my major outlets.

I feel like I have been spending a lot of time pulling stickers (etc.) and getting them packaged and to the post office. Well, I have. I love it too. (The sharing/selling of awesome vintage stickers to those who have the same appreciation for them as me...not the lugging myself to the post office several times a week, dealing with listings, leaving feedback, etc.)

I am making a point, I promise. Stay with me.

I put my store on "vacation mode" over the holidays and to be honest, I felt free. It is bettersweet, but I am just being honest here. is what I have been dealing with: [in no particular order]

  • Joint pain (knees, hands and majorly in my elbows)
  • Eczema flair ups on my arms
  • Low Fitbit step counts (aka: low energy and lack of movement)
  • Extra fatigue, especially during regular daytime hours (see previous bullet)
  • Weight gain. Obviously.
  • No period for 4 months (when they had been quite regular)
  • Floaters and wonky vision.
The floaters and wonky vision is kinda the most scary to me as I stop and think about it because I am sure my blood sugar levels have been redonk through the holidays (and October) (and September) (and most of 2014.) I know that my lack of healthy eating, astronomical sugar intake etc. could very well be the cause of this. Or at least, it is definitely not helping. That is not cool.

I took note of the stunning sunrise today on the way to work and I thought to myself, what a shame if I was not able to see this. I should probably get my eyes checked. Or at least eat better and see if there is improvement, and see a doctor. Preach!

So, how are these two things connected you ask?

Well, when I have my major focus on one thing in my life, I tend to lose it on another. My fabulous things-to-do-and-people-to-see-cup runneth over and I am NOT complaining. However, I need to prioritize better. If I cannot seem to manage selling, packing and trips to the post office along with packing my lunch and focusing on my eating, then something has to go. Guess which one it shall be?

I suppose the good news is that I now pack lunch for Miss Brandy, so I should take a friend's advice and pack mine at the same time. No excuses. [I mean, I am sure I could think of some, but they would probably be pretty lame.]

Can I get back to lean meats, fish, veggies, berries, nuts and seeds? We shall see. I have done it with success in the past, so surely I can. I need this. I am not at the "feel like total crap" stage, but I am close, and I do not want to get that far. Remember this post, where I briefly mentioned commitment? What about this one? Well, I am still stuck in Chapter 3. I walk down the same street, I see the hole, I fall in, I am aware and I know how it happened. I would love to make it to Chapter 4 and 5. A happy place with weight and food.

I take all of those issues I listed earlier as signs. Like I said, I am not at the miserable stage yet, but I know it is coming. I have fallen in the hole. It. Is. Coming.

Must. Stop. The. Madness.

Must. Eat. Better.