Friday, May 6, 2011


I just thought I would share that in the past week, I, the-non-dress-wearing-est person you will ever meet, have found not one but TWO dresses that I love.

Did I buy them? Oh yeah!

In fact, after I found one in Asheboro yesterday that I loved (but, unfortunately not in my size) I called around to FIVE other Belk stores until I found one. {Thank you to all the dear souls who went searching through their sales floor inventories to find that dress!} It is a maxi dress, tank sleeves, super-long and made out of that cool drapey material. Black with a bright, pretty, colorful paisley-like pattern, and kinda hippie-ish!

So then I proceeded to drag my child and my sick-ish husband out to the Friendly Center to snag my prize. (AND it was on SALE!) NON-Fail!

I plan on wearing it this weekend, so I will definitely make sure I am in front of the camera for a few shots. Then I will share with you guys!

My point? Well, I just typically do not like my body in dresses. Part of it is the flab, part of it is usually my lack of any tan (lol), part of it is my cankles... but in both of the dresses I got this week, I feel pretty. That's SO weird for me. It is almost uncomfortable for me to feel comfortable in a dress.

I think my husband was actually a little shocked too!
        "Honey, we have to go to Greensboro tonight!"
        "What? Why?"
        "We have to buy a dress."
        "Huh? What for? (silence............) Did you say dress?"
        "Yep, cause I found one today on my lunch break (I wasn't even *looking*!)
          and I *have* to have it."
        "Really? Well, OK... but you're driving."

It is very out of my norm to wear a dress. I have chosen, however, to enjoy that feeling of "pretty"!

May this be the summer of dresses!


  1. Yay! Good for you. I love when you find things that make you smile...and feel like YOU, you know?

  2. those dresses are the best and the only kind I wear too!