Tuesday, February 12, 2013


I do not usually pray about my weight, or weight loss, or much of anything related.
        Maybe I should, but I usually do not.

This morning was different. I included a little prayer for God to just help me stick to something and to help me with my weight. I left a lot of things unsaid. He knows what I mean when I do ask that. If you read my blog, so do you.

I had the weirdest feeling as I was praying that simple prayer.

In my head, this is what I "heard"...

"All I have to do is just do it. God will handle the rest. He will make things happen. I just have to do it."

There's a lot of things in the "it" part of that statement. Count my calories, make healthy food choices, exercise...to name a few. But something about that thought made it suddenly seem so simple.

I just have to do it. HE will make things happen.

What a neat feeling as I was driving to work this morning. Granted, it is a lot. I have to do a lot. Sometimes, though, I get caught up in "I have to lose weight." that I forget that the focus should not be on losing weight, but on the *other* things...calories, food choices, treadmill swagger... :) In reality, I cannot just lose weight. I can count the calories, make better choices, get up and move, etc. The weight loss will happen.

I just wanted to share. Even if you do not share my beliefs, I am sure you can understand how sometimes we tend to majorly over-complicate things, and what a profound relief it is when we step back, regroup, and simplify.

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