Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Making an Exception

Read this post.

Now, I will tell you about how I recently made an exception.

(Scott was not with me and that does not make it his fault, but I definitely see the "strength in numbers" deal again.)

I ate a pastry. It was from Something Different in A-town. It was pretty freaking amazing too.

I told myself it was okay. We were eyeball-deep in work stuffs and I thought I "deserved" it. I guess one good-but-bad thing was, that I was totally aware of what I was doing. It was not mindless or automatic. I felt myself make the choice to eat the pastry. I was aware. So, that part was pretty cool, looking back.

Ugh. Live and learn. Trying to change.

**I had such bad stomach issues that night, along with an eczema flare up that I guess I really did get what I "deserved".**

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