Monday, April 11, 2011

Day 1

Skip this post if you do not want to hear me doing some serious complaining.

Here is a run-down of my day. Keep in mind that today and Day 2 (possibly even Day 3) will be my detox-withdrawal-crack-addict-coming-off-of-sugar-miserable-days. See this post.

Had breakfast at my desk (8:00 AM) I will not bog down things by being too repetitive, but you can see my daily eats here. I hate eggs. I nibbled off and on (read: forced) until about 9:00. By 11:30, I was kinda feeling foggy and weak. (mind and body) I would eat something sugary if it were in front of me, but I made sure to plan ahead and NOT create that situation for myself.

I feel a headache trying to hit. I need to make sure to have friendly snacks available for tomorrow. I think a snack would have helped before lunch. I still hate eggs.

Lunch was at Noon-thirty. Since I was very unprepared today and did not pack anything, I had to venture out. Ended up with a salad. Very tasty. Very satisfying. I feel like I cleared a big hurdle with lunch being under my belt. (no pun intended, lol!)

By 4:30 PM I was still fine from lunch! I did drink 2 big glasses of water, a cup of pumpkin spice tea, and popped a piece of sugar-free gum in my mouth to keep busy. Otherwise, I was good most of the day at work.

Dinner was great! I am finishing up this post and I am satisfied and happy with myself. It is super-weird that I am in a good mood too... after all I am usually a horrible person during the detox phase. Guess we will see what tomorrow brings.

Portobello Mushrooms in my wok!

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