Monday, April 11, 2011

It. Is. Time.

I am feeling super-strong today (even after sleeping a few minutes longer and having to rush out the door) so *today* will be the day I begin my own personal 21-day challenge. It is *time* to break the IR cycle. I almost used running late as an excuse to hit a drive thru for a biscuit (nom nom) and seasoned fries... but I know that one excuse leads to another, so instead I (yes, still hit a drive thru) got 3 (4?) scrambled eggs with a bit of cheese and two strips of bacon. I am nibbling on this right now. Protein, no carbs/sugar. I guess that sounds good to some folks, but ehhh, not me.

For the next 21 days I will consume ZERO sugar/simple carbs. I say zero, but let's be realistic here, sugar is everywhere. I will not intentionally put sugar into my body, but I have discovered that even a couple of my favorite Ms. Dash seasonings have sugar listed as an ingredient. (not enough to show on the nutrition data label, but it's listed none-the-less)

I will try to post what I eat here for both accountability purposes as well as your reading pleasure! (ha!) More so, I will post how I feel and all that good stuff. I *may* post the foods on a different tab/page at the top, so it keeps the front of my blog cleaner.

Why 21 days? Is that not the amount of time needed to form a habit? I did read that 66 days is a good number too, something about that's when people hit a plateau. Let's do 21 days, then evaluate. 21 just sounds easy to me. I know I need to do this fo-evah... but the 21 is good for right now. Funny how our minds work.

Thoughts for the day:
I cannot wait to get my spiral slicer thingy!!
I. Hate. Eggs.

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  1. Such a wise decision today! I agree go for the 21 days. I am with you all the way!