Thursday, September 22, 2011


Stick with me, I really am going somewhere with this...

My two-year-old throws a fit if her food is not what or how she wants it. Nothing too extreme, but she likes what she likes. (Which, fortunately is a HUGE spectrum.) If you give that little girl peas when she has specified green beans, you are in for a throwdown!

As adults, we tend to just "roll with the punches" sometimes. This is especially so for many of us and our daily diets. We mean to do well, (and have that nice, leafy green salad and lean protein for lunch) but the fast food joint is sooo much more convienent. We may be running low on time, energy, money, etc... whatever it is, we settle for something less. We settle for something easy instead of (throwing a fit like a two-year-old) getting what we want (read: need) to eat.

That being said, this morning I managed to lock my little chica and myself out of the house. I had my purse, her bag, etc., but no car or house keys. I had a mini-melt down, had to call my husband and wait on him to come rescue us.

Granted it was not hot or cold today, it was raining. The car was unlocked so we were able to sit in the car for 30+ minutes while we waited on Scott.

What was I doing? Throwing a fit.

What was my two-year-old doing? Sitting in the backseat, kicking off her shoes, and singing. (about the rain, her ABCs, and her Nor-Nor Eleanor...)

This morning's situation was no big deal to her... but put something to eat in front of her she is not happy with and like a said earlier, throwdown!

Maybe as adults we have our priorities out of order. We could learn a lot from a two-year-old.

Just sayin'.

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