Monday, February 13, 2012

Treadmill Swagger.

Is that phrase taken? If not, I would like to copyright it!

Treadmill Swagger.

I. Just. Got. My. Treadmill. Swagger. ON.

I have been walking on my new treadmill for 15 to 45 minutes a day...several occasions I have jogged for one minute... well tonight...

(drum roll, please!)

I jogged for TWO minutes!

Funny thing actually, the song I was jogging to was Kelly Clarkson's "Stronger".

What doesn't kill you
only makes you stronger,
       stand a little taller...

What doesn't kill you,
makes a fighter,
       footsteps a little lighter...

I literally yelled out in happiness at the end of the two minutes. Then I had to stop myself from crying. Crying and working out do not go together well.

The crazy part is, I continued to walk for another 20 minutes after my jog. A little Snoop Dogg, J Cole and Drake helped me along the way. You can walk a perfect 2.4 mph to the song "Young, Wild and Free" by Whiz Khalifa/Snoop Dogg/BrunoMars...just in case you wanted to know...

I am SO proud of myself. For me, This. Is. Huge.

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