Thursday, March 31, 2011


(my first WW post was this...)

Am I really this scattered and indecisive?

I have been literally flip-flopping between no sugar, no carbs, low carbs, low cal, etc. I feel super-great with no sugar, but I cannot stick with it for more than like 2 months and that’s on a good run. I will lose 15 to 20 pounds, then fall off the wagon after lusting after a piece of bread (real bread, not weird bread) then gain it all back. That can’t be good for my body. Every time, I am right back to hurting knees, no energy, feeling like shit, etc.

Plus I always have in the back of my mind the fact that I did weight watchers online and lost 70 pounds on one stint. (Went on to lose 90+.)  Felt great, I remember having energy and even trying (in vain) to get a tennis group together at work! (I still have that damn tennis racquet hanging in my craft room, waiting to be used…) I ate what I wanted, just less of it and I lost weight almost every week, consistently (even through the holidays). So here I go again… (♫ on my own… going down the only road I’ve ever known... like a drifter I was born to walk alone… … … … … I’ve made up my mind I ain't wasting no more time… here I go again… here I go aga-ai-ai-ainnnnnn ♪)

So I will end this first post with this: I am just very frustrated with everything. I promised myself I would not turn 30 years old and be the weight I am/was. I let myself down and here I am, already 30 ½ years old and just as fat as ever.

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