Thursday, April 14, 2011

Day 4

My knees do not hurt! I have on a pair of my favorite 3" platform heels! ( I never get to wear cute shoes cause my knees hurt so bad!!)

Did not sleep well last night, neither did B. I think it was too hot in the house.

Added some light Agave Nectar (lower-glycemic) to our stir-fry last night. Yum!! Scott and B were both intrigued by the cucumber zoodles I made too!

Some of that blah feeling went away today. The fog is lifting! I would probably even feel better if I had *slept* better last night! ugh.

Too much information...but...

               4 days.
               No sugar.
               Started my period.

Now tell me that's not crazy-awesome! I know, right?!

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