Thursday, January 26, 2012


A couple of readers have asked for an update. I am simply flattered!

I am still doing great!

I am eating like I should...(details below)

I am now exercising some on my new HUGE treadmill.

I still feeling amazing.

I am losing weight... though it is at a s....l......o..............w pace. I mean killer-slow. I am actually kinda okay with that right now since I just feel so dang good!

Have I eaten a few things I should not have? Yes, but I am proud to say "only" twice. Once was a single slice of pizza (that almost killed me...) and the other was a handful of reece's pieces (again, made me utterly miserable and did not even taste good to me). Did I let that knock me off the wagon? Nope. My wagon is happily going full speed in the right direction. Besides, did I mention that those anti-foods made me miserable?

Typically during the day I eat something like this:

2 slices bacon (Don't bother preachin' or hatin'...I know all about processed meats and the "bads" that go along with them. I also know what a bagel, a bowl of cereal or instant oatmeal does to my body. I choose bacon.) On the weekends, I typically have my bacon with a Mission brand carb control wrap (the tiny ones) the small amount of wheat in these does not seem to bother me when I have just one. Add mustard!
String Cheese and scant handful of raw almonds

Homemade salad (organic baby greens, bit of cheese, some real salad dressing)
Some sort of protein, usually left over chicken
Chobani Greek yogurt

Fish, chicken or shrimp (red meat maybe once a week)
Green Veggies
Sweet potato (once a week)

Snacks: (usually 2 or 3of these spread throughout the day)
String cheese
Raw almonds
Celery with organic almond butter
Chobani Greek yogurt
Apple, orange, pear or berries (low glycemic fruit - only once a day)

I do have coffee a few times throughout the week...usually made at home in the Keurig, with Stevia, Organic Milk and International Delight's Caramel Macchiatto creamer added in.

That's about it for me. This keeps me satisfied and not *constantly* thinking about food, and as far as I am concerned, that is good enough for me right now.

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