Thursday, March 31, 2011

Getting down to business...

Let's just dig right in.

I am fat.
I have been fat my entire life.
I hate being fat.
I have tried every diet in existence.
Weight Watchers was the only one that did not quite turn into an epic fail.
I was always hungry.
I lost 90+ pounds!
I got pregnant in 2009.
I discovered I could eat like a mad-woman and not gain.
I stopped doing WW.
I kept eating like a mad-woman afterwards.
I gained most of my WW-lost weight back.
I tried more diets.
I cut out all sugar.
I felt great!
I could not stick with it completely.
I lost/regained the same 25 pounds over and over about 4 times.
I am 30 years old.
I hate being fat.
I rejoined Weight Watchers.

You are now up-to-date. You just experienced the short-drama-free-version of my battle with my weight. If you keep up with my blog, I assure you, you will hear plenty of the long-version.

(I have just started a blog on Weight Watchers too, and I think I will post my first two entries from that blog on here too.)

Side note: please dont expect anything I say to be in chronological order. I will, however try to let you know the approx. date, year, and so-forth that things I tell you about happened.

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