Thursday, April 7, 2011


"The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results."
-Albert Einstein
Guess we know what that makes me!?

I feel insane because I stay indecisive and overwhelmed at all of the "choices" for weight loss out there. I feel insane because regardless of what "diet" I am attempting, I still manage to weasel in some not-so-good stuff thinking it is OK. Maybe I am just an all or nothing girl. Seems like a "little" of something is always too much for me.

Weight Watchers
Essentially, eat what you want, processed foods/junk and all, just watch your portions. I know this system well. Do you know how much "junk" like 100 calorie Hostess Cakes you can fit into your daily "points" target if you plan carefully!? I do.

Vegan and or Raw Foods
OK, so I know little to nothing about this, BUT I am fascinated by it. I know that most fruits would be a problem for me, and many refined grains (read about that here) but I LOVE veggies! Where's my spiral slicer thingy?!

Low Carb (no Sugar)
Done it. Hard to stick with - but amazing results.

Sooo, yeah, that was only like three "choices", but those are the ones that I am the most familiar with. I am not going to live on grapefruits or cabbage and I am not going to go completely Paleo/Neanderthin or whatever... so I just stopped with the three above.

Now, what is a fat chica to do? The only one above I have not tried is the Vegan (or some type of vegetarianism) way. Maybe it should be next on the list. Does that mean no more Greek yogurt?! What about my beloved tilapia and shrimp?

I have NEVER known what it was like to not have to think about this stuff (read: all the time). I would not wish it on anyone. It does feel like insanity.

Maybe I should try a combo. More veggies, less meat... stick with seafood. No processed (sugar-laden) junk. Some lower-glycemic fruits like berries. Toss in a Greek yogurt every-now-and-then. Call it the CK Diet.

Thoughts? Suggestions? (Counseling and straight-jackets do not count as suggestions... though I've thought about it! LOL)

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